Live Cooking Demonstrations

Live Cooking Demonstrations

Discover how to cook healthy and fresh from our Paddy’s weekly live cooking demonstrations. Be inspired by fabulously delicious ideas, as our presenters share cooking tips and tricks, as well as recipes from their diverse cultural backgrounds. From African cuisine to Middle Eastern, Asian to delectable desserts with a twist. Your tastebuds will never have a dull moment.

All our cooking demonstrations are FREE to attend, with free food tasting available. Just turn up at our Paddy’s Markets kitchen during the designated date and time below.

Paddy’s Markets is a proud supporter of FoodLab Sydney. Some of our cooking demo presenters are participants from FoodLab Sydney, a not-for-profit kitchen incubator that supports food entrepreneurs from high-barrier backgrounds to grow and formalise their food businesses.

Next Live Cooking Demonstrations

Friday 19th July (11am-1pm)

Paddy’s Flemington


Anna & Wayne Chambers

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Upcoming Cooking Demonstrations

Fri 26th July Malar – Sangee’s Kitchen (Malaysian cuisine)  
Fri 2nd August Anna Manlulo – Adobo Down Under (Filipino cuisine)  
Fri 9th August Alick Matewa – African Food Feasts  
Fri 16th August Mani – Emba’s Kitchen (Lebanese cuisine)  
Fri 23rd August Malar – Sangee’s Kitchen (Malaysian cuisine)  
Fri 30th August Anna and Wayne – Jamaican Delight  
Fri 6th September To be confirmed  
Fri 13th September Ulku Gani – Turkish cuisine  

*Subject to change without notice

Previous Recipes Chef Date
Leek Stew and Lentil Kofte Ulku Gani 12th July 2024
Super Charged Tabouli and Snake Bean Salad Mani 5th July 2024
Bulgur Salad (Kisir) and Spinach Stew (Ispanak Yemegi) Ulku Gani 28th Jun 2024
Brown Stew Chicken and Jerk Mushrooms Anna and Wayne 21st Jun 2024
Grilled Chicken Livers and Popcorn Okra Alick Matewa 14th Jun 2024
Eggs on Potatoes and Mjadra with Cucumber Yogurt Mani 7th Jun 2024
RLentil and Silverbeet Soup and Eggs on Lamb Mince Mani 24th May 2024
Raw Banana Stir Fry and Fish in Coconut Milk Malar 11th May 2024
Burst Cherry Tomato Pasta & Chickpea, Herb, and Bulgur Salad Melinda Essey 9th Mar 2024
Vegetable Stir Fry with King Oyster Mushroom & Korean King Oyster Rachel 3rd Mar 2024
Soba Noodle Salad & Sri Lankan Pineapple Curry Nipun 27th Feb 2024
Eggplant Sambal and Indian Cabbage Stir Fry Malar 25th Feb 2024
Prawn Fried Rice & Twice Cooked Beans Ben Gimm 11th Feb 2024
Vegetable Fried Rice & Black Pepper Beef Ben Gimm 4th Feb 2024
Tortang Talong & Pancit Guisado Lawrence Tidor 3rd Feb 2024
Fruit Tanghulu and Dhal Spinach Curry Malar 21st Jan 2024
Sweetened Sweet Potato with Sago and Sizzling Corn and Mushroom Jasper 14th Jan 2024
Mango Salad and Mango Cheesecake Jeevi 17th Dec 2023
Chicken Pastel and Pastillas De Leche Nae Dizon 16th Dec 2023
Sri Lankan Cauliflower Curry and Spicy Sri Lankan Omelette Nipun 9th Dec 2023
Salsa de Chile Poblano and Guac & Pico de Gallo Blanca Perera 19th Nov 2023
Chipsi Mayai and Beef Mshikaki Alick Matewa 12th Nov 2023
Green Beans with Freekah and Soba Noodle Salad Melinda Essey 11th Nov 2023
Fatoush Salad and Mfarkah Mani Embas 5th Nov 2023
Maja Blanca and Atchara Lawrence Tidor 4th Nov 2023
Sri Lankan Cabbage with Potato Curry and Devilled Sausages Nipun 29th Oct 2023
Makmour Yakteen Racha Abou Alchamet 28th Oct 2023
Soba noodle Salad & Red Cabbage and Blood Orange Salad Melinda Essey 8th Oct 2023
Sri Lankan Carrot Sambol and Sri Lankan Devilled Sausages Nipun 7th Oct 2023
Black Pepper Tempe and Risoles Ragout Ellen Kleruk 1st Oct 2023
Eggplant Fatteh Racha Abou Alchamet 23rd Sept 2023
Tuna Sambal Matah and Dadar Gulung Puspita 16th Sept 2023
Upma Kitchedi and Avial Poompavai 15th Sept 2023
Sri Lankan Tempered Cabbage and Spicy Egg Curry Nipun 9th Sept 2023
Caprese Bites and Arancini with Italian Red Sauce Wendy Carabetta 2nd Sept 2023
Dosa Masala with Green Chutney and Sambar Poompavai 27th Aug 2024
Pasta with Cavolo Nero and Kale Slaw with Almonds and Parmesan Melinda Essey 26th Aug 2023
Syrian Lentil Soup and Mediterranean Burger Bites Racha Abou Alchamet 5th Aug 2023