Dealer’s Licence

Sydney Swap & Sell Market standholders and any other standholder will be required to hold a Second Hand Dealer’s licence if they deal in any second hand goods or merchandise in the categories listed below. The same applies to anyone selling Factory Seconds in any of these categories.

  • Jewellery (including watches that include gemstones or precious metals)
  • Gemstones and precious metals
  • Sporting and recreational goods
  • Musical instruments other than pianos
  • Photographic equipment
  • Portable engine-powered, air-powered or motorised tools & equipment
  • Microwave cookers and other electric goods & electronic goods (other than refrigerators, washing machines & other whitegoods)
  • Computer hardware & software
  • Compact (laser-read) discs & includes DVDs & CD’s watercraft and parts of watercraft
  • Tool kits and car accessories
  • Mobile phones

All traders dealing in the above items must hold a current Second Hand Dealer’s Licence and must provide Sydney Markets Limited with the number of the licence.

The name of the licensee and the number of the licence must be displayed on the stand. The name and number must be written in English, in letters no less than 5cm high.

Standholders must keep records of all sales and purchases and these records must be kept up to date.

The police will continue to visit the market, checking for licences and will issue a fine to standholders who are required to hold a licence and have not complied with the above requirements. Those traders will not be permitted to trade in the market until they have complied with the Law.

For further information contact the Department of Fair Trading on (02) 9895 0111.

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